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Your most serious homeroom teachers.

Kalyan Volpe

Private School 7-8 Teacher Kalyan Volpe

Fifth and Sixth Grade Homeroom, Social Studies and Math Teacher, Virtual Camp Teacher


Kalyan is one of Odyssey’s founding teachers, and he first came to teaching after a series of adventures, including traveling and living in Japan and considering monkhood in Nicaragua. When he visited a Long Island alternative elementary school, he was so enraptured(?) by their joy and excitement that his life goals shifted from the monkhood to working in alternative education. His passion is to help children discover and honor their inherent brilliant selves and use those gifts to add to a vibrant community.

Kalyan achieved a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Connecticut and an M.A. in Education from Goddard College in Vermont, where his master’s thesis focused on the design of holistic elementary schools. After working as a lead teacher in a school in Fukuoka, Japan, and head teacher as PSOLI in Merrick New York, Kalyan taught at Odyssey for six years before taking a hiatus to explore other career opportunities. He rejoined Odyssey Middle School in 2016.

In Kalyan’s classes students focus on going deeply into subjects and ideas. Critical and creative thinking is encouraged and developed. Students are given ample opportunity to shine in the areas where they are strong and to be supported and grow in those areas where they need help. Key components of Kalyan’s classes include mutual respect, fun, participation, and dialogue. He encourages students to follow through with their visions, develop their own voice, and encounter the diversity of humanity.

Alex Eren

Seventh and Eighth Grade Homeroom, Fifth-Eighth Grade Science Teacher


Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland was the perfect spot for Alex to develop her passion for nature and science. Remembering the exact moment on an excursion with her 7th grade class, baiting crab pots to catch dinner on the Chesapeake Bay, when she decided then and there that she would never work a typical desk job. Ever since, Alex has explored the intricate world of environmental education, conservation and adventure. Alex worked on farms in Italy, grew hydroponics in Oklahoma, provided logistics for Outward Bound, and paddled 500 miles around the DelMarVa Peninsula collecting water quality data for local classrooms. Alex is a proud graduate from the college of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech and received her General Science Teaching Certification through the Washington, D.C. Teaching Fellows. Having taught in a variety of classrooms since 2010, from outdoor ed on work boats, to public schools in the inner city, Alex is continuing to learn and develop engaging, hands-on science curriculum for her students. Alex believes in providing a safe, creative, and encouraging space for each and every person who enters her classroom.

Outside of school, you can find Alex in her garden, exploring trails and waterfalls with her husband and two huskies (and maybe soon their new kitten!), painting, playing beach volleyball, or just daydreaming of where she will explore next.

Kylie Hulver


Fifth and Sixth Grade Homeroom, Math, and Science Teacher 


Kylie received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Ohio University—it was there in Athens, Ohio that she found a home in Appalachia. Shortly after graduating, she made her way to Asheville to work at Odyssey School’s summer camp. Over the past few years, Kylie has found her alignment in leading spiritual retreats, working with kids and teens on the Autism spectrum, and tutoring, homeschooling, and substitute teaching middle school math. Each of these experiences has contributed to her path as an educator, and she is elated to have the opportunity to continue that path at Odyssey!

The classroom is her playground, and Kylie believes that multimodal, hands-on, and active learning experiences lead to a deep, comprehensive understanding of concepts. This often takes the form of incorporating movement-, nature-, and art-based play into lessons. Social justice, sustainability, and the development of critical thinking skills are also at the forefront of her teaching. She believes that knowledge leads to passion, and passion leads to action in terms of activism and allyship.

As a child, Kylie couldn’t stop bouncing off the walls. Well, nothing’s changed! Whether she’s out romping in the mountains, discovering a new handicraft, or working toward mastering a new skill, she’s always up to something. One of her missions is to help her students discover and delve into things that light their fires, too. 

Elijah Allred


Intermediate English Language Arts teacher


Elijah Allred grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina where he regularly attended summer camp in the mountains. After four years of film school and one gap year of hitchhiking in Alaska, he received a B.S. in radio, television & film from University of Texas, graduating in 2015. During that time he developed unprofitable interests in cooperative living, social justice, and sad poetry.  After several years of living in co-ops and working in food service, Elijah moved out to west Texas to write sad poems and work behind a motel desk. Elijah returned to Austin in 2016 to sign an NDA and work for a very large social media company with a blue logo doing content moderation and account memorialization.  During that time he published several very sad poems, developed an interest in continuing his education, and quitting his job as quickly as possible. 

In 2018, he began working part time as a substitute teacher in a special education classroom. By 2019, he received his teaching certification from Austin Community College and worked for two years at Austin Discovery School, a small public charter specializing in eco-wellness and project-based learning. Elijah moved to Asheville in the summer of 2021 to work for Odyssey, be closer to his family, and, eventually, send his newborn son to summer camp. 

Outside of school, Elijah spends his free time reading about western esotericism, writing less-sad poetry, changing diapers, and collecting antique typewriters.

Andrew Poirier

Andrew Porier

 Homeroom 7th & 8th grade and Intermediate Social Studies teacher (grades 5, 7, and 8)


Andrew received a B.A. in English Secondary Education from Green Mountain College in 2016. Green Mountain instilled values of social and environmental sustainability that follow Andrew to this day. After graduating Andrew began working at a small therapeutic school in Southern Vermont that focused on meeting students’ individual needs academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Andrews teaching background covers a range of class subjects, and he loves looking at most of life through an interdisciplinary lens. He really enjoys bringing the classroom out into the community whether it is to observe the natural landscape, engage with local businesses and the economy, or to connect and learn from the people that make up our communities as mentors and allies. 

Connecting with Odyssey Community School in January, 2022; Andrew was delighted to find a place that shared so much of his educational dogma. 

When he is not in the classroom Andrew enjoys spending his time playing bluegrass guitar and writing songs, as well as growing produce and cooking elaborate meals.” 

Christa Flores


Interim 7-8 Science Teacher


Christa Flores is a scientist, writer, and educator. She brings twenty years of teaching experience in science education, as well as interdisciplinary units called problem-based science. Call it STEM, STEAM, or just authentic learning, Christa is passionate about how to create learning environments that inspire inquiry and invention. She earned her Masters in Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and has written and spoken extensively on the subject of Constructivism, the pedagogical merger of STEM education with the creation of artifacts to expose deep learning. She is excited to work with the Odyssey 7th and 8th graders this fall, building mindsets and skills for making the world a better place.

Outside of the classroom, Christa is a freelance curriculum designer, writer, and volunteer at several organizations around Asheville. Most of the time, she is running the trails of the national forests that surround us or gratefully paddle boarding the mountain waterways.

Jenny Andry

Private School 5-6 Teacher Jenny Einzig

Intermediate Spanish teacher


Jenny is a dedicated educator, traveler, lover of animals, and community organizer. After earning a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology and a master’s degree in natural science from Louisiana State University, she moved to Asheville to enjoy the mountains and the radical culture. Jenny loves combining her passions of education and travel and is looking forward to the opportunity to introduce students to the Spanish language as well as Hispanic and Latinx culture. When not in the classroom, Jenny can be found reading, dancing, cooking, or working out. She’s thrilled to bring her passion for Spanish to the Odyssey Intermediate School!

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