3-4 Faculty

Robin Skeen

Private School Teacher

Elementary School Program Director, Third and Fourth Grade Teacher


In the summer of 2014, Robin and her family packed up all of their belongings and moved to North Carolina in search of a more natural life.

Robin received her undergraduate degree from the University of Akron in Early Childhood Education, which included Pre-K through 3rd grade age students. After teaching for a few years, she took time off to be with her two daughters, Ella and Julia. While Robin was home with her girls, she finished her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on reading. When both of her children entered school, Robin returned to the classroom as a founding teacher for a new charter school in Los Angeles. She also worked in an inner-city school in South Los Angeles before moving to Asheville.

In Robin’s class, students become authors, readers, inventors, and entrepreneurs! Her systems help create self-awareness and inner regulation and in keeping with the Essential Learning Skills and the Integral Process of Research and Reflection. She also leads centering to help students connect with their internal world.

For Robin, the most exciting part of teaching at Odyssey is the way that students integrate their subject studies within broader thematic investigations. Every year we learn about cultures, ecology and do amazing projects and IRPs! It is also wonderful to have the space to teach the whole child. We have class meetings to discuss topics that are important to students like understanding each other’s feelings and needs or simply how to share the swings at recess.

Benjamin Mann

Ben Mann

3-4 Homeroom Teacher


With a passion for learning, Benjamin spends most of his life looking for meaning, and is driven by his passion to make the world and all of its inhabitants more consciously interconnected. Specifically, through the medium of writing, Ben connects three big P’s of education (Psychology, Philosophy, and Physics) to one another and finds ways to communicate complex concepts into simple and easy-to-comprehend ideas that showcase the interdependent nature of our shared and personal realities. 

Benjamin graduated with a B.S. in Psychology & Philosophy from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. His areas of study included: therapeutic coping techniques, psycho-social development, educational psychology, moral and ethical theories (particularly those revolving around social justice), and a blend of eastern and western philosophy. It was also during this time he discovered the benefits of incorporating Zen meditative practices and thought into daily life rituals. It is with great joy he will be integrating these elements into the classroom in order to fully capture the power we have as individuals to influence the world in which we live, in both subtle and magnificent ways.

In his free time, you will likely find Benjamin either reading books on theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, psycho-social dynamics, social and economic justice, OR writing blog posts and revising his young adult novel exploring the meaning of life. He often spends time out in nature hiking, meditating, or star gazing while contemplating cosmological purposes as both an individual and a collective whole.

Odyssey School is an independent, non-profit school with a focus on whole child, emotionally intelligent, personalized curriculum for students in PreK-12.

Our mission is to prepare students, families, and educators to lead the 21st century with an authentic sense of self.

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