Busting the Myths: Book Event, April 16th

Preschool parents, Drs. Joy and Roy Martina, will be presenting a free workshop on April 16th at 7:00 pm at Odyssey Community School!
They will be busting the myths about weight loss to guide their audience in the discovery of the secrets to healthy, effortless and long lasting results.  Join them: Ditch the diets, forget willpower and find out how to use the latest in Scientific Discoveries in BrainTraining, Neuroplasicity and EmotionalBalance to get real results. Be part of this revolutionary and extraordinary new approach to weight loss, and this exclusive event, and you will learn: Techniques towards effortless weight loss that you can use right away, how to stop cravings and cope with emotional stress and so much more!
This event is RSVP only. Seats are limited and will fill up fast!
Contact Will at will@christallin.com for more information and to reserve your seat.