Alumna Testimonial

Holistic School Alumna Millie Weeks

Finding a school that provides teenagers with not only a strong and solid learning environment, but an environment that encourages personal development and growth in many areas, is hard to come across. Odyssey is the embodiment of this space. Through the combination of a unique and innovative curriculum, to the fantastic teachers and student body, Odyssey is the perfect place to help facilitate interpersonal as well as intrapersonal growth.

One of the greatest skills I developed as an Odyssey student was the art of communication. Through a small class setting, and close relationships with adult teachers, I had the chance to interact with a broad spectrum of personalities, backgrounds, and minds. I would not have previously been exposed to this depth at a larger school, where students are generally placed where they “fit in.” I looked forward everyday to having discussions with my classmates and teachers about theory, world problems, whatever subject we were tackling. I was also taught communication on a very real, intense personal level. How to deal with social issues, personal problems, relating to others and being able to offer help when needed, has carried me into my college life at a level I could have never anticipated. It prepared me for the real world in a way that many young adults my age may not be able to fully grasp yet.
Through my amazing mentors at Odyssey and the freedom to explore my interests, I was able to solidify my passions beyond high school. During my senior year at Odyssey, I created a collection of 8 outfits for a spring fashion show. Now, I am pursuing a Fine Arts degree at Parsons School of Design in New York City. I am beyond grateful for everything Odyssey has given me and continues to provide for me, even after my graduation. I know I built relationships there that will last a lifetime, and a support system that remains unparalleled.
Millie Weeks, ‘14