All Faculty Meeting Notes, 3/2/16


  • Samata did a Best Practice on Centering, followed by a staff discussion about centering practices along the developmental continuum. In particular, we discussed using more gamification, choice, and variety in the upper grades (beginning in 4-5).
  • Centering Gift for Teachers: Rhianna’s Mom, Brigid Hopkins, will do a polarity session for faculty from 1:00-4:30 for 15 minute sessions. Please share your interest with Megan and she will send you a sign-up link.
  • Andy’s closet:

Ø  There are 2 things missing, a hammer and an extension cord.  This is frustrating for Andy, since these are his personal tools.   Earlier on a wrench was missing.

Ø   Some mechanical thing was taken from the dragon room.

Ø  The administrators have requested that faculty please do not take anything from that closet unless you talk to Andy first.

Ø  In the event that you are using the closet, please lock it back.  Cory will move paper products so they are more accessible.

Ø  Cory mentioned that as a school we were docked for having that closet unlocked (20 points).  At the present time, the vacuum is downstairs.   Trash bags will be put in the kitchen.

  • Chemicals in the building:

Ø  Anything that has a warning label on it to “keep out of reach of children” has to be locked or placed above 5 feet high for all school- age students.

Ø  If a child can’t drink any product safely, it is considered a chemical.

Ø  Teachers are asked to check all drawers for things like: White-out,Whiteboard spray, etc.

  • Clean-up

Ø  Kudos were given to the group consciousness that is emerging on staff.  This level of thinking helps us be aware of what needs to be consistently carried out.

Ø   H.S is frustrated by the dishes in the sink.   The question was raised: is this teachers?

Ø   We will spend 45 minutes on Friday cleaning communal spaces; (copier, gym, café, kitchen, wings of the gym, 2/3 cubbies, Smart Board Room. This collective clean-up will take place at 10:00 AM.

Ø   There will be more admissions and tours in the next month.   A request was made: please clearly re-label trash and recycling or different containers in café and by the copier.  Faculty members were asked to talk to students to remind them about the differences.

Ø   Please clean out cubbies, lockers etc. and incorporate students into the spring cleaning movement before spring break.

Ø   We were 1 point higher in a general inspection than we were in a prior inspection.

  • Assorted Announcements:

Ø  Carrie Chisolm mentioned that there were free yoga and free Self-Defense classes at her church.  Please check with Megan for additional details.

Ø  Megan has several resources for helping guide students through grief.  These will be posted on the faculty portal.

Ø  Lice in Pre-K and 2nd/3rd.

Ø  Kudos to faculty in terms of: Meet the Parents. Most successful ever!