All-Faculty Meeting Notes, 10/7/15



  • There is a challenge that needs a solution in terms of using Chromebooks in the classroom when students have been sent to the office to sign them out.
  • Megan has stated that Teachers are to ask for help and support to get the Chrome Books signed out and into the classroom, rather than sending students to complete that task.
  • Chromebooks can be signed out ahead of time, so that teachers or students are independently checking out computers without involving Jen in the process.
  • There needs to be supervision for check-out and sign-in.
  • Students can pick up the cart itself, instead of checking out individual chromebooks.
  • In the event that individual students have forgotten their computers, they can experience natural consequences.
  • One of the faculty members brought up that there is a challenge when an entire set is not available for check-out and the entire set is needed by a particular teacher.
  • This will be a larger question that will be discussed in a later conversation.
  • Megan stated that she has requested that Jen is to stop supporting students in the check-out process.

Supervision/Student need:

  • Megan mentioned that there is a pattern in which elementary students are hanging out in the front of the school without direct teacher supervision during the school day. They have been seen roughhousing in ways that can be potentially dangerous.
  • According to Megan, 6th grade and below should never be unattended ever (A teacher can be bringing up the front or rear of a line as long as the teacher are in earshot of the line), especially not out in front of the school near the road.

Parent Contact:

  • If you have not made any contact with your students’ parents, please e-mail or check in with parents via positive e-mails/ phone calls to establish the relationship.
  • Please check in with families for challenging behaviors, emotions, grades, etc. within 48 hours.
  • In the upper grades, any student who is failing your class MUST receive an email home to parents by this point!


  • The weekend after the week of November 19th, is the parade. ½ of the gym will be used for the laying out all parade materials.  In the event of rain, classes are to share the gym.  If there is a challenge, H.S teachers are to consider the Alternate gym schedule in which HS uses gym after lunch.
  • On the Feast Day during that week, the Early K/1 students will be meeting in the café.

Student Surveys:

  • Upper grade students are to complete student surveys before next Wednesday.
  • Elementary students will have similar format from last year. Megan will send you your survey to revisions and then she will facilitate administering them to your students.
  • 2nd grade and up will be completing the surveys.
  • Student surveys will be completed in October, December, March, & May

Autumn Faire/Fall Centering:

  • The 3 main events are the open air market, chili cook-off, and a multi-generational kickball game at the lower fields.
  • Erika has e-mailed faculty about what they want to do for classroom booths.  All of the money raised by a classroom booth goes to that class.
  • Ask that your classes participate in some way.
  • Class parents might organize/staff booth.
  • The more invested your students are, the more children and families will come out and it is more fun.
  • Please send in applications to Cory via e-mail as soon as possible. The fee is waived for classroom booths.
  • Please post on your Facebook that you are going to this event and encourage Facebook friends to attend.
  • There is still a possibility of live music. Musicians should be prepared to perform for 45 minute sets.   A few different genres of music would be helpful. Please note: heavy rock and roll is not an option.
  • Fall Centering Committee will have time at the next staff meeting to discuss plans with the group.

Tee Shirt Design challenge: 

  • If you can make some in-class art time, that would be helpful.
  • There will be winners from all/many grade levels.

Buddy Lunch

  • Buddy Lunch is Friday. The focus is pairing up as a whole community, bonding, and going out to eat to eat together.
  • .  A proposal was made that younger kids draw the older kids.
  • There will still be centering. Older students will bring the materials.
  • We will meet in the hall at noon.
  • Please prepare older students are to be prepared that the drawings of their younger students may appear to be more of a “scribble” or not look representational.
  • We will need name tags and labels. Amanda will check numbers and make sure we have enough tags forFriday.