All Faculty Meeting 9/2/15

Check-in with Teachers – 1 Word to describe the first week

Parent Orientation:

  • Cory and Megan will open the Parent orientation. Some of the topics include introduction of the board, After-school options/classes, Capital Campaign, etc. This meeting will last for about 15-20 minutes.
  • After the introduction, parents will be dispersed to sign up for various committees.
  • Homeroom teachers will go to classrooms. (Adjunct H.S teachers will be dispersed to the classrooms). Mention how best to reach you as a teacher.
  • Pre-K Child care Smartboard room. Older students will have their child care in the entry way to the music room.   Courtney suggested that they could play a movie since there are no toys.
  • The parent orientation starts at 6:30 PM.   We say that we go to 8 PM.
  • Next week, the Staff meeting will be a brief check-in prior to the orientation.
  • Megan suggests that teachers have students help prepare the classroom by cleaning things out and putting learning artifacts/work samples out for parents.
  • Teachers are to take a break before the big community event.

Suggestions on orientation from admin and returning teachers

  • Daily schedule
  • Newsletter/communications/modes of communications,
  • List of pathway for concerns
  • Roster with correct addresses for correct and newsletters
  • Notations about where to find, homework assignments and grades
  • Grading philosophy
  • Jobs that we need, volunteering, what are they looking forward to in terms of community?   All parents are required to do 4 hours volunteer hours per family per month.
  • Identify class parents. Megan sent a description to teachers for class parents.
  • Classroom Facebook
  • These meeting gives parents the opportunity to explore what kind of classroom culture do you want for your children and for yourselves
  • Identify what makes our class unique, this to expect, our thematic units, etc.  Possible ways of exploring this include:  6 Strands in our classroom, Integral model, Design Thinking
  • Introduction of parent names, child’s name, grade level, etc. Courtney suggested that we ask parents of younger children why they chose OCS. Parents of older students might ask the question:  What do you hope for your older student (HS, MS) this year?
  • Teacher introduction that focuses on personal/professional teaching philosophy, “This is why I am here.  What are we going to give to their children?”
  • Classroom discipline and management.  Identify theory and practice with rationale,
  • H.S teachers are encouraged to describe what was done with Journey Week.
  • Consider including some mention of food and celebrations as they are celebrated in our classroom.  These can include: lunches, snacks, sugar policy, etc.
  • Describe grading, parent conferences, narrative reports, schedule for Listening Conferences, etc.  HS. parents may be challenged to keep up with e-mails. H.S. teachers are encouraged to have students sign up for their Listening Conference.
  • Please talk about the OCS student e-mails for grades2 and up. Remind parents that we expect them to have access to these e-mail accounts.   Teachers will have access to it.  The basic premise is that there is no student privacy on that Google OCS e-mail.
  • Introduce Google Classroom/homework. Gabe is the point person for passwords for upper grades and he has been putting it into the grid.  Gabe will walk parents through Renweb and Google Docs.
  • Please reference the highlights of the Parent Handbook. Samata and Craig will need to bounce between the classroom.
  • Since there are computer components for the upper grades, teachers of older students are to ask MS and HS parents are to bring computer for upper grades
  • MS/HS please tell parents about any possible meeting dates for:  movie nights, drivers for field trips, etc.

Teachers were excused to work on grade level tasks in preparation for the Parent Orientation.