All-Faculty Meeting 12/2/15

Craig did a Best Practice on character strengths and how OCS supports character education.

*Kristin did a presentation on the Annual Campaign, fundraising, and reaching donors

*Kristin provided a hand-out. *Face to face request with 2 askers is most effective, 2nd is face-to-face with 1 asker. The most powerful ways are most direct and intimate. People give because it makes them feel good about participating in something meaningful.
* Our goal is to build a culture of fundraising that meets 100% of our community including: governance, board members, faculty, and families in order to realistically ask donors to give. This presents a solidarity and united form.

* Middle Class and working class people are the ones that give the most in America. –The folks we all know will be the ones most charitably inclined.

–70% of households give to some form of fundraiser/ charity.

— Median donation was about $2,000.

*Reach out with a handwritten letter and meet with them in a face-to-face. Take someone else who is knowledgeable about the cause. Create a thank-you note for taking the time to meet with you.

*Any gift between now and December 31st would be tax deductible for this past year. It would be post tax, not-pre-tax.

*Goal of $120,00.


· Please read our newsletter and give feedback. Please pick one e-mail if you have multiple e-mail addresses that it might be opening in. Let Megan know your preference!

· Appreciations for the feedback from faculty. It has been shared with administrators and will be part of school conversations.

· Student surveys have been sent out to teachers from 2-12th grade.

· Positively Odyssey on Saturday at Blue Spiral. It is important for faculty to come and it is part of being here as part of the Annual Campaign

· Childcare 6:15-10:15 (RSVP to Megan). There are no childcare spaces left.

· Faculty that might be willing to teach adult classes after school. Send e-mail to Megan if you would like to TAKE a certain class and she will investigate.

· Send Megan an e-mail if there are classes for students you would like to offer after school.

Festival of Lights Committee
· We don’t have the option of putting things away the next day. We need folks to stay after to put everything away that night. We will not be here for an inservice the next day. All faculty are to sign-up to put everything out (on Wednesday afternoon) or to put everything away (Thursday night). Hopefully the chips will fall, so that tasks are divided. There are some high schools cleaning up.

· There are decorations, lights, snowflakes, cotton ball races, face painting, snow fun (finding all the pieces of snow), Galaxy and Cave of stars, Scavenger Hunt, food, cleaning up the kitchen. 6:30-8:30 (activities end).

· Class parents

· Show of hands for set up the set-up or clean-up

· Clean up crew for gym could clean up right after the performance and close up the sections/café/ stations. Possible sign-up for specific clean-up tasks such as food, stage, snowflakes, etc.

· Faculty that might be willing to tach adult classes after school.

Sanitation Inspection
· Inspection may happen tomorrow or the next few days. Please make sure the sanitation bottles are used in the kitchen and stay in the kitchen at least 5 feet up.

· Please make sure that all of the latches stayed closed for doors.

· Dirty rags must stay in the kitchen in a container labeled dirty laundry.

· Given the amount of traffic, can the swinging gate be an automatic latch with a spring. Put a sign on/near it as a reminder. Cory has offered to talk to H.S students.

· Put it on a job list at the end of the meal for older students. The combination of students/ teachers circling back around. It is a licensing issue that is absolutely mandatory.