All-Faculty In-service Meeting Notes, 9/16/15


  • There was an extensive discussion around the buddy program for the coming year.   Amanda came around to talk to faculty about the buddies.
  • The emerging system seems to be:

MS and Pre-K

4/5 and K/1

H/S and 2/3

  • The first Buddy Lunch is tomorrow (9/17) at 12:15PM.   This will be an outdoor picnic- style lunch at the Sword and the Stone.
  • The schedule is that the Big Buddy will go to the hall outside the Little Buddy’s classroom at 12 noon.  The Pre-K and Early-K sitting in the hall waiting for buddies. 2/3 will be sitting in the front hall.  All students will have their lunch at this time.   MS and HS will have taken care of heat ups prior to the Buddy Lunch.
  • A suggestion was made to use the sticky name tags in the office.  Have a Buddy centering:
  • Older Buddies will help younger buddies go to the gym for a simple structured centering to act as a social/emotional container that will last no more than 15 minutes.
  • Samata will do a simple centering/breathing experience.
  • After several suggestions, Gabe will be doing an ice breaker in which Older Buddies will ask their younger buddies specific questions such related to topics such as favorite color, favorite super hero, favorite interest, etc.
  • The older Buddy will “sketch” these favorites on an index card and will give that card as a gift to their younger buddy.
  • Every older Buddy bring writing implement and Courtney will bring notecards.
  • Samata and Gabe are to send a brief written description of their plan to Megan and Cory via e-mail by the close of the faculty in-service today.  Amanda will consult with Samata  and other faculty members to determine best student placements in terms of temperament, etc.  These may be modified over time—particularly, since Early K is in the midst of a significant transition.
  • The buddy lunch/school wide celebrations have been presented to the older students as a way of getting value out of it and set up as a barter system.
  • Questions that we can remember for planning future Buddy experiences include: Do we want to hold the space?  Who wants to be responsible?  What materials need to be gathered?
  • Courtney made the point that she appreciates Buddy experiences that help older Buddy’s develop the skills that they need in order to more effectively engage with their younger Buddies.
  • There was a suggestion that we consider having a centering before all of the Buddy lunches as a possibility to help redirect energy.
  • Amanda mentioned that the Pre-K centering that was done at orientation could be done with the whole group in an upcoming Buddy experience.

Listening Conferences

  • Please read the Handbook and the action that is on the follow-up e-mails is to be cc’d to both Megan and Cory and e-mail Megan with further questions. The Handbook includes strategies and ideas for things to consider are in the Listening Conferences.


  • CC training is for the next In-service (October). There will be some reading in preparation.  All new staff and adjunct faculty are to attend.  Please be prepared for staying the entire in-service period.
  • Colonial Insurance will have alternative insurance, and gap plans to cover deductibles.   How many people are interested in getting more information?  This will be scheduled.  Employees would sign off that each faculty member has been offered.  Cory has heard throughout the grapevine that this is a company that will consistently pay out.
  • Grandparents committee meeting has been scheduled.

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