9/6 Meeting Agenda

Today’s meeting will be very brief, as we intend for faculty to use the bulk of this afternoon preparing for tonight’s meetings.

Please remember to use The Faculty Handbook section on tonight’s meeting as a reference for the topics to be covered. There is a link to the Class Parent (CP) responsibilities that you may want to print if you have not yet selected your CPs. When you have, please email Megan, Cory, and Jen with the names of your elected CPs and if they are distributing responsibilities, how.

A note about the roof: If you teach in a classroom that has been significantly affected by the roof leaking, please feel welcome to share this message with your parent community. If they have questions, please respond by taking notes and letting them know that an executive director will reach back out with answers as soon as they can. In partnership with UNCA, Odyssey contracted roof repairs/improvements this summer. The work was not completed before the rains began, and with our temporary fixes removed, the leaking was worse than expected. We are preparing with both shorter and longer term solutions, which are underway. We’re grateful for the support of our wonderfully adventurous and flexible teachers and students, and your [parents’] understanding. Given the experience some are having with intense rains, we feel lucky that have the support we need to move through this relatively minor challenge.