9/13 Agenda

Today’s meeting will open with a Best Practice presentation by Samata and a centering exercise by Andrew Saldino!

From there, we will have a few quick announcements regarding student cell phones, the cafe schedule, attendance, newsletters, and a counseling support opportunity.

We will answer any questions regarding upcoming Listening Conferences (please remember to use your Faculty Handbook as a reference in preparation, and the link to the Narrative Report Template Addendum for an email template to use as you write summaries).

For quick reference, here is relevant the Handbook section:

    • Description: This conference is an opportunity for parents to be heard.  Your students’ parents are invaluable partners and resources to guide you on your journey with them.  You will take notes, ask guiding questions, and actively listen as parents share their goals, challenges, and strategies at home.  These meetings will help round out your understanding of your students’ experience both outside and within your classroom.
    • Preparations necessary for Pre-K-12 Teachers: Get to know your students, be prepared with some prompting questions to ask hesitant or shy parents.  For example, “What are some of your goals for your child,” or “Tell us about any past challenges you and your child have experienced that would be helpful for us know.”
    • Post-conference actions: Teachers should write a summary of their notes (transforming raw notes – not copying and pasting them) in a narrative email sent to the parent and BCCed to Megan, Cory, and your classroom teaching partners.  Summaries should include a report on your active listening, as well as a goal statement(s) that can be referred back to in the next conference.  Please print a copy of your summaries for student files, submitted to our registrar.  Summaries should be emailed to parents (again, please BCC your directors and classroom colleagues) and printed within a WEEK of the conference.