5/16 Agenda

Sadly, we are all done for Best Practices! They were really incredible this year: thank you for sharing your passions and skills with our professional learning community!

In today’s meeting we will collaboratively create a pool party schedule for end of year class parties, and otherwise this time should be used for:

  • Completing Professional Portfolios in preparation for your end of year meeting with Megan
  • Working on end of year narrative reports and grading
  • K-5 Meeting to discuss their calendar revision proposal
  • Upper grades team meetings regarding overnight trips, as needed

Next week will be our last in-service of the year! Please plan to stay until 5:15.

There are a few things that will be coming up as we wrap up the year in the next two weeks! Please make a note of this list and be prepared to schedule time to complete the following:

  • Missing conference reports must be turned in before the end of day on June 1. For reference of still-missing reports, click here.
  • Summer Projects assignments (after getting the okay from Megan) should be distributed to students before the year is out and a final draft shared with the admin team (Cory, Jen, Alyssa, and Megan) so we can help distribute them to next year’s rosters.
  • Next week, you will receive a stack of black and white, draft copies of end of year certificates for your students. Please review each carefully to make sure all information is correct and return them to Alyssa or Jen before next Friday. We will then print color, final versions for the honoring ceremonies.
  • On June 1st, you will need to close out your classroom. This will involve rounding up and turning in technology, storing away all items you don’t want accessible to camp groups that may use your space, and for some of you preparing to have your things moved to your 2018-19 classroom! We will have a check list for you, and Cory has likely already spoken to you about packing up for moving if you need to do that (if she hasn’t, you likely don’t).
  • On June 1st, we will have a closing faculty meeting at 3:00 pm. Teachers who organize happy hour… let us know where you’re headed!

There may be other things added to this list, but this should give you a good idea of what’s to come.

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