4/22/15 Full-Time Faculty Meeting Notes

Professional Portfolio:

  • Fill in the checklist and print hard copies of the information to be turned into Megan.
  • Please include a measurable goals/reflection statement.
  • Each person has to reflect on how we achieved/ didn’t achieve a goal
  • In the meeting with Megan, this is a meeting that is led by the teacher as part of a formative, reflective process. You will have a 20minute meeting to talk about how the year has gone for you.
  • Megan has not booked specific times, since Megan wants us to have a higher degree of flexibility.  We are to book a meeting with Jen or Megan sometime before the last day of school.

Review of the next few weeks of school:

  • Spring Tea on Wednesday April 29th.  Trying to put admission interest into one day.
  • This Friday night is the H.S drama. 1st half is kid friendly and the 2nd half is for 10 and up. Although the announcement board states that there is free childcare, the admin team has not planned on any particular childcare arrangements.
  • Thursday May 7th is a buddy lunch.
  • LEAF . The artist is coming Wed. Thurs, Friday (6th, 7th, 8th) there will be a MS performance at 8PM. Please share topic documents with the rest of teachers
  • MS IRPs Presentations on May 22nd.  This is exam day for the H.S.
  • Testing for High School: Dates Wed. Thurs, Friday of the week of May 22nd.
  • No school Monday May 25th.
  • Last day of school is Wed May 27th.
  • K-8 Honoring Ceremony is Wednesday, May 27th.
  • High School Honoring/graduation is Thursday, May 28th.
  • Peter Pan award, vetted speeches for students, traditionally students have chosen the commencement speaker.
  • Marco will be the student speaker since he is the only senior. His final speech is to be vetted by Gabe. John Greene is an author who is being considered as the honorary speaker.
  • Optional conference day on Thursday, May 28th.  Friday, May 29th is teacher workday.
  • The rest of today’s meeting will be a collaborative time for planning the last three weeks and wrapping the year up.
  • The remaining faculty meetings will address care plans, reviewing next year’s calendars, student records, and celebrating together.

May Day

  • There will be strawberries and cream. Amanda is taking confidential accounting of which programs have additional money they can contribute to the May Day fund for strawberries and cream.
  • Due to student need, teachers in the early grades and in the HS are unavailable for working on activity centers on May Day.
  • HS and MS students will be available for set-up, clean-up, and setting up chairs for the talent show.
  • There will be a portion of next week’s faculty meeting that will be devoted to setting up for May Day.  The instability of our present weather patterns may make it difficult to determine if the celebration will be indoors, on the tennis courts, or in the back yard.
  • The May Day materials may be brought up from the shed next Wednesday.  They may be placed on the stage side of the gym, although the preference stated by several teachers was the May Day materials stay on stage or in the immediate stage area.   There is a high prediction of rain through much of next week and other programs want to use the gym for recess, soccer, etc.  The art room is unavailable.
  • The May Day hand-out was sent out to students in the older grades in a digital format.  The students in the younger grades will have hard copies to take home.


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