3/4/15 All-Faculty Meeting Notes


  • Every family has re-enrolled in Middle School +2 more +4 more applications – Round of applause for these teachers!

Courtney: Training Opportunity related to butterflies

  • A parent forwarded training related to a PD opportunity on Butterflies to  Courtney.
  • This parent has generated a grant for scholarship money.  Any OCS staff member who attends will get a scholarship.
  • There is presently a curriculm developed for Pre-K  through 8.  The organization is in the process of developing a H. S curriculum.
  • Topics include things like learning to tag butterflies, participating in a virtual butterfly migration, etc. There is a seasonal study component that can be built on year after year.  .  Fall migration for the Monarchs.
  • Courtney has sent us link for the workshop June 25 and 26th.  Fall migration for the Monarchs.


  • There will be a faculty poll put out by the admin to identify two days in April that coincide for classrooms to engage students in activities or assignments that demonstrate or display things that are visually amazing for photos and videos.
  • Here is the poll: http://doodle.com/4daf8u8vck5qzqau The deadline to reply is Monday, March 9th at 9am.

Night of the Arts

  • Night of the Arts original date was in 2 and ½ weeks. The new date is now March 26th.
  • Every class will be asked to participate with a performance or visual arts display.
  • Performances should be no more than 5 minutes.
  • The performances and visual arts are to showcase things that are already happening in each of our grade-level programs.
  • There are multiple possibilities including multimedia, music, drama, performance, visual arts, etc. The goal is to generate excitement, rather than something that is additionally burdensome.
  • We do require all of the students to participate in some capacity.
  • The admin encourages faculty to using classwork/arts as a jumping off- point.
  • The change in intention last year to a school-wide event was to kick off the raffle and get the whole community out to OCS.
  • Stay tuned for a more final description of the event and preparation requests as the administrators seek to find a balance and define what’s most possible and exciting for our teachers and community.

Elementary meeting was canceled due to attendance.  Please see Cory about revised future snow day procedure.