2/4/15 All-Faculty Meeting Notes

Faculty Meeting Notes: 2/4/15


Megan : Centering Prompt:  This is the best day ever because (one word)

Next Open House/Community:  Wednesday, February 11, 2015 (5:30-7:00)

  • Please be present to parents and have a classroom that shows off your space, with prompt, work samples, etc.
  • There will an abbreviated faculty meeting on that day.   Day of the Heart assistance needed
  • Encourage current families (Pre-K through High School) to come to the next grade up, so that they can talk to teachers.
  • Use Open House Class notes as a tool.
  • We will order pizza.  Megan will need to hear from you (how many slices and what kind) by noon on Wednesday.

Drop Box: Year Book:

  • Cami would like the pictures that we gather. Megan sent us an e-mail that details the information about how to create a folder.
  • In mid-March, Cami will start gathering pictures.  She is excited about the company and their back-end software.  She will have a master log in and there will be a class log-in access.   She will work with different classes on specific pages.  Students will have input on their own class pages.
  • For teachers, the price is $35. 00 (Did I hear this correctly?) and $45 for students, and parents.  You can give checks to Jen or through Pay Pal to Cami.
  • The more pages we get, the bigger and better the final project will be.
  • Cami would like feedback for cover ideas. Huge School pictures, contest, etc.  will be revisited later.
  • Deadline is mid-end March for buying a yearbook.  All of the money for ads  will go for OCS.  Consider outreach, parents, and call out to businesses.   Ads are for $100 for full page, $50 for ½ page and $25 for quarter page.
  • Action items:   Set up Drop box and send it to Cami and Megan.  Megan will send out an e-mail for a month in terms of layout.  Please make sure that someone will take photos for any major classroom or school-wide photos.  Some parents who owe service hours have been asked about volunteering for the yearbook.  If you have parents who are photography minded or aesthetically-minded.
  • If there are parents who have media sensitivities, we can talk to those parents individually since it will not be an online photograph source.

Buddy Lunch:  

  • Google calendars: Samata could send out an event request through Google calendar.   Cory is willing to put it in the newsletter if another teacher will keep her in the loop.  Carolyn will set up on the dates and transmit them outward.  Dan did this.
  • The next buddy lunch is on Day of the Heart.   Samata is the coordinator for the buddies.   The H.S wants to know well in advance.    Samata will change the list when it gets updated.


  • We have raised 81, 000.
  • We still have 5, 000 to go. The admin. will moonwalk when we reach our goal.

Day of the Heart:

  • Gabe will do a photo booth. Please bring props and costumes, to be labeled in order to be returned.
  • Where is the gray and black cloth?  It was used for the Festival of Light and it is needed for Day of the Heart.
  • A Sensory room:  Christmas twinkle lights and votives.
  • There is no budget for Day of the Heart Hand massage/ lotion, Essential oils. There were rose petals.
  • Does anyone have floral connections that could provide roses? Check with Angela Erick’s sister from Whole Foods.
  • We need crayons, pencils, paints, fancy pens.
  • Carolyn/Amanda  got voted for a station on the health.
  • There will be an Appreciation Station for little notes.
  • Each class does a small performance that is 2-3 minutes per class (not 2-3 minutes per person).
  • There will be a checker station.  We still need signs for a photo booth with an arrow, Tic-tac-toe sign and a checker sign.
  • We will do a Peace mural.
  • We need newspaper donations for painting drop cloths, or painter’s plastic. Amanda has a big roll.
  • We are not going to do clementines and a drink, since children have their own snacks.
  • We will want to have help decorating in the gym, the café, and the center areas.