10/25 Agenda

Today’s meeting will open with a Best Practice by Cat, followed by a quick review of preparations for November’s conferences, and Elders Day preparations.

Here is a link to view our Elders Day RSVP list. Please take a look to get a sense of the number of visitors you can anticipate in your classroom (keeping in mind that we will undoubtedly get unexpected attendees).

Teacher-Led Conferences

    • When: November 9th-10th
    • Description:  This conference is a role-reversal from your first meeting.  Here, teachers share their observations, strategies, goals and challenges.  You will use your summaries from the first conference to help guide conversation, set new goals or new plans to meet goals that have yet to be met. Goals have been transferred into Care Plans, so you can either use your summaries or plans as a reference.
    • Preparations necessary for Pre-K Teachers: Complete Developmental Assessments and Anecdotal Notes.  Direct questions to Courtney. 
    • Preparations necessary for K-5 Teachers: Complete narrative reports.  Please email your drafts to Megan before November 8th to leave room for revision.  Please reach out to specials teachers this week to request their input for their classes. Print two copies of your final reports: one in black and white to be submitted to Mayven for student files and one in color to hand to parents.
    • Preparations necessary for MS & HS Teachers: Complete narrative reports, and be sure all grades are entered and up to date 2 days prior to the conference. Please invite students to these conferences, and also prepare to ask them to step out (into an adjacent classroom) for any portion that is appropriate.