Special Camps, 7-12

Junior Counselors at Odyssey Summer Camp

Each summer, we invite a small group of dedicated teenagers to join our camp as Junior Counselors. JCs spend the summer modeling safe and inclusive play, learning to design and execute group games, conflict resolution, and learning the ropes of camp counseling! Our lead counselors support their learning by allowing them to lead a group activity for an hour each day.

The responsibilities of Junior Counseling include:

  1. Be a role model! Younger campers will look up to you and mimic your style: make it awesome. Show them what it means to be a good friend, to share, to play nicely, and to be truly, hilariously, you.
  2. Abide by your lead counselors. Part of that role modeling requires attentiveness to the lead counselors. If they need help, please jump in (certainly when they ask, if not before!). They may ask you to help with set up, clean up, or errand-running: you are their support!
  3. Get messy! There is more information below about play partnering and facilitating, but please know that we want you to have fun! That’s part of the joy of being a junior counselor, so don’t hesitate to jump in the mix and be a kid!
  4. Yet, not too messy… Balance is a beautiful thing. Please recall #1 in your play and model good self-organization skills. The senior counselors will be very busy watching over campers, so please be sure to take responsibility for your things and contribute to a clean and organized play space.
    Keep your eyes peeled. Be sure to keep a close eye on the campers around you. If you see anything worrisome, potentially unsafe or harmful, let your senior counselors know.
  5. Relax. There’s that need for balance again! Try not to get too worried about managing the kids and conflict: you have senior counselors around to help you. When in doubt, always ask for help.
  6. Learn to be a leader. You’ll get a chance to run an activity each day you’re at camp. Practice positive leadership skills by observing senior counselors. You’ll have a chance to learn new games, share games you know and love, and learn how to manage a group. Remember that this can be tricky and learning the tricks of the trade will make camp (and life!) more fun!

Junior Counselors are 13-18 years old, and preferably they once attended Odyssey Summer Camp or Odyssey School themselves!


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