Full-time Faculty Meeting, 5/18/16

Today’s agenda includes:

  • A reminder about UNCA’s Mindfulness workshop (free!) on Monday, May 23rd. To support attendance, teachers who go will be offered a late start time on Friday, May 27th (10:00 am).
  • A reminder to review the handbook for end of year reporting.
  • A request for pool party schedules
  • Together, we will create an orientation training wish-list.
  • Learning Partners: In cross-classroom groups of 3, teachers share star/wish; each group choose one to highlight.
  • Finally, write & post: “How did you help to fulfill Odyssey’s mission this year?”

Next week, our K-8 Honoring Ceremony begins at 6:30 pm and we will not meet for faculty meeting. On Friday, May 27th, our last day together this year, we will hold separate program meetings (PreK, Early K-5, and 6-12) as well as a full faculty gathering in the afternoon: specific schedule TBA.

Important Dates

  • May 23rd, 6:30-7:30          Mindfulness at UNCA: Mountain View Room, Sherrill Center
  • May 25th, 6:30-8:30          Early K-8 Honoring Ceremony
  • May 26th, 10:00 am           PreK Honoring Ceremony; End of Year Conferences, Staff Party at 4:00
  • May 27th, 9:00/10:00 am Teacher Work Day, Upper Grades grades are due by 4:00
  • May 28th, 10:00 am           High School Graduation
  • May 30th-3rd,                     The school building is CLOSED
  • June 6th,                               First Day of Camp

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