All Faculty Meeting Notes, 2/3/16


  • Megan suggested that it might be a safer choice for faculty members to park in the back parking lot.
  • Game closet/Art Project:

Ø  We need a plan for reorganizing the game closet and maintaining it. MS uses the bases. Andrew had suggested using a curtain to cover the closet.

Ø  MS would use the closet if it was organized.

Ø   Afterschool and summer camp are the ones who use the materials most.

UPDATE – Megan spoke with After School and they also don’t use it much. Calder said he would spend some time organizing when he has just 1 or 2 students left at the end of the day.

Ø  The closets could be a potential Service Learning Project for MS.

It could also be considered to be a reasonable Give Back project for older students.


  • Delayed Snow Days

There are several challenges that need solutions

Ø  Some folks were confused about “2 hour delay.”

Ø  Other challenges included issues around the staggered delay, teacher arrival time, Before School responsibilities, etc.

Ø  Megan suggested “training: parents, students, and faculty beforehand in any new procedures related to delayed snow openings.”

Ø  The discussion revolved around the idea that on a delayed snow day, the school day will begin 2 hours after your normal starting time.

Ø  Teachers are to be here ½ hour before their (grade level) students are due to arrive.

Ø   As the first person to arrive, Lydia had several questions related to Before Care hours.  She was invited to speak to the admin. individually.

Ø  Ellen raised the point that we need to consider the delayed opening in light of  local traffic patterns. *This issue should be mitigated by our staggered arrivals.

Ø   River made a motion that OCS would not have Before Care for pre-K on days with a delayed opening.  The PreK team will meet to discuss their unique Delayed Opening needs and report revised procedures to admin.

Ø  The two hour delay procedure would mean that

Elementary students will be here at 11.

Elementary teachers will be here at 10:30.

Upper Grade students will be here at 10:30.

Upper grade faculty will be here at 10:00.

  • Paper

Ø  Cory mentioned that we are going through almost a case of paper a week and that there seems to be significant waste daily.

Ø  Cory asked that faculty members please be frugal and use the paper that you actually print. As a community, we want to be aware of our environmental impact.

  • Day of the Heart

Ø  The Day of the Heart committee made the request to move the Day of the Heart Centering to 11 AM in preparation for the Buddy Lunch.

Ø  Teachers will not have their students make Valentine’s Day cards ahead of time.    There will be a center for making Valentine’s Day cards as one of the centers during the Day of the Heart celebration.

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