Alex Crooks

Seventh and Eighth Grade Homeroom, Fifth-Eighth Grade Science Teacher

Alex grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and discovered her passion for science while on the Chesapeake Bay in the 7th grade. Alex decided then and there that she never wanted to have a regular desk job, so she dove into environmental education working with an outdoor school until she graduated with a B.S. from Virginia Tech in Natural Resource Conservation & Environmental Education K-12. Realizing her passion for teaching, Alex decided that she wanted more time with her students and chose to take this drive into the classrooms of Washington, D.C. where she earned a general science teaching certificate through D.C. Teaching Fellows. Alex has explored her enthusiasm for teaching in a variety of different places (including Italy, Oklahoma and most recently, North Carolina) and her zeal for science in many different fields (farming, activism, hydroponics, and guiding). She is delighted to be in the classroom and a member of such a close knit, curious and supportive community!

Alex believes a classroom should be a safe, fun, creative and caring place for all students and teachers to continually explore the world. Finding that healthy homeostasis is essential to cells and people alike. When Alex isn’t planning bad jokes, experiments, and adventures, you can find her in her garden, walking her two Siberian huskies, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains and camping in local wilderness areas.

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