The Admissions Process

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During a tour, you and your family will peek into the classroom(s) that interest(s) you, see our campus, and meet with one of our Co-Directors. Tours are typically 45 minutes to an hour, during which you can have your questions answered while you learn more about Odyssey’s philosophy.  During this meeting, you will also have a chance to schedule a classroom visit for your child(ren). Elementary students are encouraged to visit the classroom for the morning, while middle and high school students are invited to spend a day shadowing a same-grade student to get a sense of whether Odyssey is a good fit for them, and preschool children visit for one week before a final enrollment decision is made.

If you are considering enrollment in 2017-2018, we strongly encourage you to attend our Open House event on February 22nd. This evening is a great opportunity to hear from classroom teachers about their teaching philosophy and classroom culture. Because this event will be attended by prospective families as well as currently enrolled families who are moving into a new classroom, this is also a great chance to meet other Odyssey parents! Teachers will begin presentations at 6:00 and child care is available by RSVP. Older students are welcome to attend presentations with their families.

Once you have visited our campus, please download our application to begin the formal admissions process for your child(ren). High school students are required to submit an additional Student Supplement application that is completed on-campus.

For K-12 students, Odyssey will contact your child’s previous school to request records after we have received your records release form, and we may request teacher recommendations as well. Decisions regarding acceptance to Odyssey will be made after enrollment forms, recommendations, and previous school records are reviewed. High school students may also submit letters of recommendation to support their application. Opportunity Scholarship students should also submit their acceptance letter from North Carolina along with their application materials.

After review, you will receive a welcome letter and the opportunity to submit a tuition deposit to finalize your acceptance. We look forward to welcoming you to the Odyssey School community!

Preparing students, families, and educators to lead the 21st century with an authentic sense of self.

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